How to close your B2B Sales Pipeline with Website Tracking

How to close your B2B Sales Pipeline with Website Tracking

To make a sale, you have to close, end of story. People have written books and given seminars on how to do it, but it all boils down to efficiency. Organizing your sales pipeline and striking at the right time can be a game changer.

Our website tracking software helps businesses save time by knowing exactly when to reach out to potential clients. Since 36% of sales people categorize closing as the hardest part of the job, implementing this strategy can have profound results on sales revenue.

Timing is Everything

A salesperson can have anywhere from tens to hundreds of companies in their sales pipeline. Most people instinctively put the high value opportunities at the top of their call list but hold the phone! Just going after the big dogs puts you at risk of getting the timing wrong. Coming across as pushy can soil a future relationship–that’s bad for business. Instead, use tracking software to rank potential clients. But how do you do that?

When to Reach Out for a Higher Converting Sales Pipeline

You can upload your sales pipeline to the tracking software and receive notifications when a prospect is clicking around your website. Contacting that client within 5 minutes of the alert will increase your chances of making a sale by 400%. Not to mention, companies who are shopping around for the right deal will choose the first company that reaches out to them 70% of the time–are you seeing it now?

Put the Right Salesperson on the Job

Our software doesn’t just give out a general alert to the whole company when a business visits your website. It will notify the specific sales manager of that prospect to ensure the right person makes the call. Relationships are important in sales, so informing the salesperson that recently spoke to the prospect will lift those closing rates.

Breakdown your Sales Pipeline Data

Receiving alerts will put you ahead of the game, but the website tracking software will also collect data on the businesses who visit your website to help your sales and marketing team identify trends. Knowing which businesses are most interested in your product or service, their industry, size and the lead source will be another card up your sleeve. Organize your leads based on the findings to enjoy a higher conversion rate.

Personalize Your Message

When you make a cold call, everything’s against you, but that won’t be the case any longer. Our software shows you which business is online, where they clicked, how much time they spent on each page and their provides decision maker contact details. This allows the alerted sales manager for that prospect to personalize their pitch and message content. That personal touch will help build that prospect relationship and the chance of making a sale–that’s good for business!

Work Smarter, Not Harder

Sales can feel like riding a bike up a steep hill. Slap an electric motor on that thing and make the journey easy for yourself. Website visitor tracking software is a little cheat code that will help your conversion rate, make your sales team more confident, and increase revenue. And remember, if you don’t use it, someone else will!

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