B2B Remarketing

How to Win New Clients with B2B Remarketing

There are a lot of ways to win new clients, but remarketing has remained the clear frontrunner. Effectively using simple remarketing tactics has been shown to improve conversion rates by over 150%. When incorporating the help of website tracking, your impressions, hot leads, and revenue will shoot through the roof. So, let’s break down the methods of remarketing and how our software can be your wingman.

What is Remarketing?

Remarketing involves focusing on potential or current customers who have engaged with your business’s website, social media, or marketing campaigns. These engagements are a clear indication of buyer interest which places them on the priority list. The sales and marketing teams can take action through a number of different methods to turn those clicks into sales–simple!

Methods of Remarketing

Targeted Ad Campaigns

Using targeted ad campaigns is one of the most popular methods of remarketing. The target will be a potential customer that lands on your website and leaves without making a purchase or enquiry. They can be targeted to see specific ads on other website pages or searches in hopes of getting them to return.

Physical Mail Marketing

Although we’re living in the digital age, sending physical mail as a remarketing strategy to interested clients still has its place. This method can help you get into direct contact with the decision-makers of a company, reducing the time it takes to close a deal.

Promotions and Incentives

When a potential client stops by your website and snoops through your products, it’s a great time to create promotions and incentives for these customers. When picking up the phone, you’ll already know what they’re interested in, so be equipped with an offer they can’t refuse!

Using Website Tracking For Higher Conversion Rates

Know Who to Remarket to

Remarketing is an excellent strategy, but it doesn’t work if you don’t know who to remarket to. With the help of our software, you’ll know exactly which businesses clicked on your website and receive important identification data (industry, company size, location, and more). You can then use the data to personalize pitches and customize remarketing strategies.

Gauge Prospect Interest

Knowing that a business clicked on your website is helpful but knowing what they clicked is where the money’s at. Lead Revealer will show you the exact route visitors of your website took so that you can decipher what products they are interested in. You can take the products of interest and put them directly into targeted ads, email campaigns, promotions, and sales pitches.

Target Decision Makers

Our software uncovers the email addresses, phone numbers, and business addresses of the decision-makers of a potential client. Companies use website tracking to improve who is targeted in their digital ad, email and physical mail campaigns. Use the contact information to also make new, valuable connections on LinkedIn, where you can share personalized ads.

Track Down Similar Accounts

All that great data and insight you gain on interested customers who are visiting your website is the perfect way to refine your Ideal Customer Profile. Track down similar accounts and watch your conversion improve.

Remarketing FAQs

Standard remarketing enables you to display ads to users of your mobile app or website.

Dynamic remarketing goes a step further by enabling you to display adverts to prior visitors that include the goods and services they looked at on your website.

If a person engages with your recent social media post, you can choose to reach out to them with a personalized message or digital ad. The same can be said for people visiting your website or reading a blog.

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