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Microsoft Dynamics

Keep your sales pipeline full and organized on the go with Lead Revealer and Microsoft Dynamics.

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How to integrate Microsoft Dynamics with Lead Revealer

Integrating Lead Revealer with Microsoft Dynamics is easy;

  • Ensure that the custom field LF Match Code has been created on the Lead and Account object.
    Ensure that the Lead Revealer package has been installed
    You’ll need an invite from your Customer Success Manager to access the app. This will be delivered during your onboarding.
  • Provide the Production URL.
    Provide an email address that we can send the authentication email to.
    We advise that the first user created has full Lead Revealer admin access.
  • Grant Sandbox access to Lead Revealer.
    Voila! Leads will now start appearing in Microsoft Dynamics.
    The credentials required will be supplied by your Customer Success Manager during onboarding.
Sales Lead Generation Software
What you’ll need
  • Lead Revealer Automate
  • Microsoft Dynamics