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Top Reasons Why Potential Customers Don’t Inquire on Your Website

Have you spent a lot of time and money designing your website and been left wondering why customers don’t inquire? Well, you’re not alone. Launching a website is one thing but converting traffic into inquiries is a whole different ball game. It’s easy to riddle your website with landmines that blow potential customers right off your page without intending to. Once you de-mine your site, you’ll be amazed by how many inquiries you receive.

In this article, we’ll cover the do-nots that are preventing customers from interacting with your site. So, for right now, close your emails, take a breath, and let’s look at the top reasons customers don’t inquire on your website.

No Social Media Presence

You could have the best website on the internet but, without a social media presence, don’t expect anyone to stick around. We live in a digital age and people put a lot of value on a company’s online presence. Having a clean LinkedIn, active Twitter or relevant TikTok account can make all the difference in the number of inquiries you receive.

Links to your social media accounts should be placed clearly on almost every page of your site. Potential customers will be much more comfortable interacting with a company that has an established online presence.

You need to put as much thought into your social accounts as you did with your website. Everything you put online is an extension of your brand. So, the quality and content need to be consistent and relevant to your audience.

Unprofessional Website Design

Have you ever clicked on a website, saw how unprofessional it looked and immediately clicked off? Within seconds of seeing your web page, customers make subconscious evaluations of your company based on its looks.  So superficial, right?

There’s no excuse for a dingy-looking website. Too many companies like Square Space, WordPress and Wix make designing a site easier than it has ever been before. All you have to do these days is select a professionally made theme and enter your content – done!

Take a look at your website and compare it to your competitors’ pages. If they look cleaner and more engaging, then you need to get back to the drawing board. Sharpen up your site’s design to make a great first impression as this is a key reason why customers don’t inquire.

Not Appealing to The Target Audience

Your website is not supposed to be for everyone. It’s supposed to be for your target audience and only your target audience. The text, images and tone of voice all need to be tailored for the demographics you’re marketing to.

If you’re a financial company, you need to come across as experts in your profession. Using charts, business jargon and staged office photos will directly appeal to the customers you want to attract. A financial website that uses slang, memes and references to pop culture is not going to attract inquiries.

Customers Can’t Find What They Want

Your website should not be a maze. A customer who gets lost looking for what they want will most likely give up and never return. If you’re unsure whether or not your website is confusing, ask friends and colleagues to test the waters for you. Give them a specific destination on your page and see if they can navigate themselves without instructions. Make sure to take notes on all the feedback you receive.

Check out this article for easy structuring tips and examples of navigable websites.

Excessive Pop-ups

How would you like it if you put one foot in a store and the employees immediately bombarded you with questions? Probably not very much. So, your website shouldn’t do this either.

Pop-ups can be a useful tactic to get customers’ contact details, but you need to be strategic. Potential customers shouldn’t get attacked as soon as they click your link. Give them time to drink in your site and see what it has to offer.

People will be more inclined – and less annoyed – to interact with a pop-up that actually offers them something. Give your customers a 20% coupon if they submit their emails and watch the inquiries roll in.

Lack of Trust

Building the trust of potential customers is crucial and would be at the top of the list when reviewing why customers don’t inquire with you. Visitors will be more likely to do business with a company if they can put a face to it. That means you need to personalize everything about your website and content.

Using original photos of you and your team is a great way to build trust with potential customers. Stock photos, on the other hand, may look professional but they won’t show visitors the insides of your company. Use them sparingly.

Try adding an introductory video on the homepage of your site. Nothing says trustworthy like a company that’s willing to stick its neck out and say hello to the world.

Your social media accounts need the same trust-building elements as your website. Consider this permission to take selfies – professional selfies, of course.

Attracting the Wrong Audience

If potential customers aren’t enquiring on your website, you might be attracting the wrong audience. When it comes to marketing, specificity is your best friend. You’ll waste time and money running ad campaigns that aren’t directed to the right people.

Expecting to find your ideal customers without fully understanding who they are is like trying to catch Alaskan crabs in the Atlantic Ocean – never going to happen. So, use the data from ad campaigns to help identify the right target audience.

Once you know the demographics of your customers, you’ll have a better idea of what content your website should include.

Here are some tips for finding your target audience.

Poor Product/Service Descriptions

Are the descriptions of your product and services detailed and enticing? If not, you’ll want to change that. Don’t expect customers to cough up money or contact details if they aren’t even sure what you’re selling. Compare your descriptions with competitors’ descriptions to see how they match up. Remember, you don’t have to reinvent the wheel, so take inspiration wherever you can get it.

Explaining your products and services is another great opportunity to use a video. You’ll ensure customers fully understand what you offer and it will build rapport – a win-win scenario. Make sure your videos match the quality of your products and services.

Slow Website

A slow website is going to deter potential customers from sticking around. It’s important your website is fast – very fast. If the load time between pages on your website is not virtually instantaneous, you’ve got a problem on your hands.

According to a study, the best load time to ensure customers stay on your page is between 0 to 4 seconds. After that, webpage visitors start to fade away, and that’s bad for business!

Don’t overload your website with special effects and widgets when customizing it. Make it look good but keep it simple.

Use a computer and a cell phone when you check how long your webpage takes to load. Certain elements might work great on a computer but add dangerous seconds to the mobile web load time.

No Call to Action

This is a key reason why customers don’t inquire and it’s an easy one to fix. A call to action (CTA) could be the missing piece of your puzzle. These are the sections of a webpage that prompt visitors to take a specific action. Every legitimate website uses them, and so should yours.

If potential customers land on your page but don’t know what to do next, they are more likely to walk out the door. Prevent that from happening by giving them a little assistance.

CTAs can be anything from encouraging people to make a purchase, download a brochure or submit contact information. Unlike annoying pop-ups, these actually make the overall website experience much smoother.

Watch this video to help you create the perfect call to action.

Final Thoughts

It can be frustrating figuring out why customers don’t inquire on your website. Visitors are often skittish and you have to carefully design your site to not scare them off. A few little uninviting elements can be disastrous for your conversion rate. So, let’s review all the do-nots that prevent people from interacting with your website.

Things to avoid:

  • No Social Media Presence
  • Unprofessional Design
  • Unappealing Content for Target Audience
  • Confusing Layout
  • Excessive Pop-ups
  • Lack of Personalized Media
  • Attracting the Wrong Audience
  • Poor Descriptions
  • Slow Website
  • No Call to Action

Once you have cleaned up your website of all these deterring elements, watch the amount of inquiries you receive skyrocket. It can take a little bit of time to make the right adjustments, so be patient and always take advantage of available data.

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