Account Based Marketing

Upgrade Your Account Based Marketing with Website Tracking

Account Based Marketing has become a key method to better prioritize your time and attain higher value deals. But staying ahead of the competition is a constant uphill battle. Well, using a website tracking tool is the ultimate right-hand man. This software enhances marketing tactics through identifying target clients, alerting the right salespeople, and enhancing contact lists–sounds pretty good, right?

Let’s dive into the facts of Account Based Marketing and detail what website tracking can do for your business.

What is Account Based Marketing (ABM)?

Account Based Marketing is a business-to-business (B2B) strategy that focuses on targeting potential clients with personalized advertising and website content. This has proved effective as 85% of marketers report that ABM significantly helped them renew and grow their current accounts. The marketing and sales teams start by identifying perfect fit target companies. They’ll understand the prospect’s needs before coming up with a customized marketing campaign for each potential client. When done correctly, Account Based Marketing will help businesses allocate time and resources to close deals with high lifetime value customers.

How to Create a Target Account List?

Without a solid target account list, Account Based Marketing won’t yield the same positive results. So, how should you create the list?

  • First, create an Ideal Customer Profile (ICP), which includes preferred industries, company size, location, etc.
  • Use the ICP to begin deciphering accounts that fit the profile.
  • Assess which accounts are more likely to close than others, and organize your list based on likelihood.
  • Assign accounts to specific marketing and sales teams so that they can begin implementing Account Based Marketing strategies.

How Website Tracking Can Help

Identifies the Potential Customer

We provide our clients with a website tracking code that allows you to see when companies visit your website. This includes your ICP companies. Each time a potential customer lands on your website, Lead Revealer will identify key information about the company to help you confirm how well they match your ICP.

Alerts the Right People

Striking at the right time is what we all strive to do in sales. Getting the timing wrong can come across as annoying or pushy which can result in a lost opportunity. When you upload your target account list to Lead Revealer, the software will send alerts to the right salesperson each time one of their targeted businesses clicks on your website. This will help prioritize sales efforts by going after the hottest leads when the prospect is doing research. Marketing teams will receive reports to analyze touchpoints and see where website visitors are coming from to refine their account based marketing campaigns.

Refines Your Contact List

Who you contact matters. When you reach out to a target account, it can be frustrating to feel blocked from speaking with decision-makers. Well, with Lead Revealer, the software will uncover the contact information of key players so that you can target them in your marketing campaigns. You’ll have access to email addresses and phone numbers, which will help you shorten the sales cycle and strengthen the data held within your Customer Relationship Management tool (CRM).

Final Thoughts

Upgrading your Account Based Marketing tactics with our website tracking software is going to enhance your business and turn it into a revenue-generating machine by identifying those target clients, alerting salespeople in real-time, and refining your contacts. It’s a secret weapon that’s worth every bit of its weight in gold.

Account Based Marketing FAQs

The most important metric of any marketing campaign is your return on investment (ROI). In short, this is your profit minus your costs of acquiring the new client. Your conversion rate, sales velocity (time it takes to close the sale), churn rate, client lifetime value and ease of relationship are other factors worth measuring.

The first step in starting and account based marketing campaign is to create criteria of your ideal fit customer. This is usually based on industry, employee size, revenue and location and the best way to find this out is by looking at your own client base. What are the characteristics of your best clients? What are their habits, fears, goals and how do they decide to buy?

Once you know what your ideal fit client looks like, your sales and marketing team can locate the companies in the market that embody the same criteria.

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