Winback 101 Win back Lapsed Clients with Website Tracking

Winback 101: Win back Lapsed Clients with Website Tracking

Customers come and go; it’s a part of sales. But if you’re not looking, you won’t see when lapsed customers start sniffing around your website and a winback opportunity appears–that’s where website tracking comes into play.

Our tracking software is like a personal lookout that makes sure your business doesn’t miss out on any repeat sales opportunities–cha-ching! It’s a game-changing tool and we’re going to explain how it enables sales and marketing teams to win back old clients!

How Website Tracking Can Help

Receive Visitor Alerts

In sales, time is money. You need to contact the hottest leads and close as quickly as possible to bring in the dough, right? Well, when you’re going through your list of old clients, it’s tough to know where to start. But fear not! Your website tracking software will alert you when a churned or dormant customer clicks on your website. Putting that client at the top of your callback list will send your conversion rate through the roof!

See Lapsed Client Footprints

Knowing that a previous client is interested in your product or service again tells you to pick up the phone. But hold on a second. Our software also shows you exactly which pages visitors clicked on. So, before you make the call, check which products and services they were browsing through and tailor your pitch accordingly. With our website tracking software, you’ll have more than enough cards up your sleeve to close a sale.

Get a Leg up On Competition

In competitive industries, you’re going to find clients who bounce from business to business, looking for the best deal. The chosen one is often the company that strikes first and can outprice its competitors. With tracking software, your chances of getting to a client before the others greatly increase, and you can then use a number of strategies to ensure they don’t feel the need to bounce around.

Speaking of strategies, let’s take a look at a few win-back tactics you can implement in addition to the website tracking software.

Implement Winback Strategies

Ad Campaigns

Retargeting ads are a lethal weapon to help your business make sales with new and previous clients. These ads can work by tracking the cookies of visitors who stop by your website or by uploading lapsed client data into targeted ad platforms such as LinkedIn. If your website visitor doesn’t inquire–boom–they get hit with targeted ads as they continue to surf the web. When you give them a call–since you know they’ve visited your website thanks to the tracking software–they’ll feel like the stars are aligning!

Email Campaigns

A winback email campaign is a series of emails sent to dormant or lapsed customers. The intension here is to win them back as an active customer or subscriber.  These emails can be sent individually or in bulk, however, the more personalized the better.

Loyalty Programs

Start a loyalty program to entice customers to stick around for the chance to win rewards and receive discounts. Think of a coffee shop that gives a free drink to customers who get ten stamps on their loyalty cards. It’s a way to tell clients stick with us, and we’ll take care of you. Get creative with your programs so that when the website tracking software notifies you that a previous client’s been on your site, they won’t be able to refuse!

Winback FAQs

This is a company's plan of action to try and regain consumers who have ceased doing business with them. This can involve a range of strategies, such as delivering exceptional customer service, offering special discounts or deals, or just getting in touch with the client to learn why they stopped doing business with the organisation and what can be done to change their view. A winback strategy's objective is to re-engage the consumer and persuade them to begin doing business again. Sales may rise as a result, and client loyalty may improve.

The success of winback campaigns can vary based on a number of variables. These include the cause of the customer's dissatisfaction, the winback offer value and the strength of the relationship.

Klaviyo data company found that 29% was the average open rate for winback emails. This far exceeds the general email campaign average of 21.33%.

It is generally accepted that 3 months after the customer has churned is a great time to reach out again. However, this timeline can be customized for higher conversion rates. Carrying out cancellation calls or exit questionnaires to understand why they cancelled can provide timing clues. For example, if the customer left due to lack of resource, you can ask when they'll be rehiring.

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